Discover new hunting grounds

Navigating the world of digital communication can be tricky to plan. Firstly, it is essential to try to understand how your consumers might want to find the information they are looking for rather than speaking to them – or even at them – in a single dialogue.

Our audiences are hunters; for solutions to overcome challenges, and in the digital space for the information that fulfills their wants and needs. This is especially true for those who manage to squeeze some online shopping into the smallest pockets of the day. The process of narrowing down is actually essential for people to feel gratification – we love the thrill of the find.

That’s why, people are always our first priority when it comes to website creation. Often, we are asked to serve different messages to different audiences, so we focus on creating many alternative journeys to allow new consumers to discover your content.

Where and how content is distributed shouldn’t be limited. Just as websites shouldn’t be shackled, they should be able to holistically measure their consumers. Using the same content with a consistent brand tone of voice, we make it possible to navigate through a completely different set of hunting criteria.

By leading with an emotional benefit rather than clever tech, we help brands cut through the noise to elevate and differentiate their digital experiences. An open, inviting and more personalised experience fuses a stronger, and potentially longer relationship –wouldn’t you agree?

Developing design concepts that are authentic to the brand is also essential to create the right connections with your content – like building strategically placed (and beautiful) bridges to help consumers hop from one island of content to another.

The result often ends with a destination that may be an even better destination than you had originally set out for.


Chris Lodge
Digital Director


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