Gigaclear | Ultrafast Broadband for Rural Britain

After a competitive pitch, Pink Green has been appointed by Gigaclear plc to develop a new creative direction for their award-winning ultrafast broadband business.

Specialising in taking high-speed internet out to Britain’s rural communities and going where no other internet provider dares to go – Gigaclear is dedicated to change the lives of those living and working in out-of-town areas.

Delivering blisteringly fast broadband speeds, the fastest in the country, Gigaclear’s customers are becoming a growing breed of country dwellers who are finally enjoying speeds that often outperform those of their urban friends and contemporaries.

The internet has become a consumable that we are all addicted to – irrelevant of where we choose to live or work – and when speeds drop (just like sugar levels) it brings with it a pent-up frustration that can throw the most placid of people into a rage of frustration.

Gigaclear is a missionary brand. A challenger brand on a mission. And we couldn’t be more excited to be going on this journey with them. Rural communities and businesses should no longer be dealt the disadvantage of inferior internet speeds. As an out-of-town agency ourselves we get them as both a brand and a business better than most!

Our brand campaign for Gigaclear will be launching over the coming weeks. Things in the countryside are about to change.


Cat Bailey
Creative Director


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