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The Brief: Reapit is the UK’s market-leading CRM software for estate agents. Their existing brand was not fit-for-purpose when it came to building relationships with the next generation of hybrid agents.

Our Response: The ‘High Street Estate Agent’ risks becoming an endangered species as their customers are attracted to a new breed of online agents. Where these online agencies fail is their inability to form the human relationships and customer service – critical to keeping the chain moving. Our solution was to create a brand for Reapit around a single proposition: An agent will only be able to deliver great customer service online and F2F if each part of their business is talking to one another. Reapit can help them do this.

Daniel Hare, Reapit “We have enjoyed a 500% jump in lead generation volume since the brand launch a month ago”

Brand Identity | Illustration & Animations Exhibition | Sales Deck